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buton One of the top leading drilling contractors in Romania, TM Drill offers onshore drilling services for the oil and gas industry, local and foreign, as well as transport and maintenance for its equipments.

buton With a drilling experience of over 90 years, TM Drill has been performing for the top operators in Romania, Kazakhstan, and Morocco.

buton TM Drill’s drilling fleet is made up of 11 rigs: 1 F320, 1 F 200, 1 F125, 1 TDA 160, 1 MR 7000 XS, 4 MR 8000, 1 F-100 2DH, 1 F-100 EC. The rigs vary from 1000 to 2300 HP capable of drilling wells in depth up to 5000 m.
buton All MR drilling rigs have top drive equipment and CATERPILLAR engines. 

buton All rigs are certified for heavy work conditions. Since 1993, the company has executed over 200 turnkey contracts for the drilling of exploration, production and injection wells on Romanian soil and over 1,5 mil m.

buton The company continues its investment plan, both in equipment and personnel, in order to better satisfy its clients’ needs and requirements.

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